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A final expense plan helps you make sure that your final expenses and burial services can be covered without them becoming a burden to your survivors.​

Help eliminate the financial worry that often accompanies this stressful event.


Get the help your family may need with the costs of a funeral, burial plot, legal services or other debts that could be left behind.

Our affordable final expense policy pays your beneficiary a lump sum cash benefit that they may use in any way needed. You can qualify for our plans up to age 85, and choose benefits ranging from $2,000-$35,000.

And you’ll appreciate our simple application process with no required medical exam. Instead, your agent will ask you only a few health questions, and you will confirm your answers in a short phone interview.

You are a few short minutes a way from securing your life and family with Final Expense Insurance. We are all Planners and we are here to help.

If you are between 50 - 85 years old, you can be approved with one easy phone call. There are no medical exams and ultimately, you cant be turned down due to health issues, The low rates will never change. Only you can cancel the coverage.

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Most people want to know what happens during the phone call.  Everyone want to be prepared.  Our life insurance agents will ask you a few simple questions and try to find ways to  save you money on your burial insurance policy.  We want to give you a policy, we would like our parents to have, the best available.

We listen to your needs.

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Client Testimonial

Maggie Kahn

Lost employer Coverage

Getting the coverage was easy. I appreciate the simple process. And, the rates were better than I thought.

Client Testimonial

Carl Mccarthy


I live on my Social Security Income. I was an able get the policy I needed within the budget I set.

Client Testimonial

Alex Boyd

Working Senior

I still work every day but, when you are over 65,  Life insurance is expensive even employer coverage. This was my best option. Worked out well.


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